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Truck Insurance-Maintaining Cargo Security
In order to prevent a claim and keep your truck insurance or cargo insurance in good standing, it is important to be aware of a few security measures. By ensuring that you have control of the cargo at all times, there is a significantly decreased probability of loss. The following is a list of useful guidelines.

Pre-Departure Security
1. Be present at the loading of the cargo. 2. Maintain the cleanliness of the cargo area. This is particularly important for food transports as contamination and disease can spread rapidly. 3. Verify that all doors and access panels are closed and sealed. 4. Carry out a safety inspection of all equipment. 5. Establish an overdue time at the destination and have someone contact you if you are overdue. 6. Verify that loading area and route are clear.

Security in Transit
1. Always be aware of possible surveillance of you truck. Criminal action usually begins with surveillance within one mile of the origin of a route.
2. Always follow stopping and parking procedures detailed by your transport company.
3. Animals in open trucks should never be left unattended.
4. Try not to make unscheduled stops.
5. Remain aware of suspicious activities along the route. Report these activities to dispatch and local law enforcement.
6. Keep all doors and access panels locked.
7. Maintain communication with dispatch.
8. Be aware of people asking questions about your route and cargo.

Security When Making a Stop
1. Try to park your truck in a secure yard or reputable truck stop, preferably with video surveillance.
2. When leaving the rig, make sure that all equipment is turned off and verify that all doors and access panels remain secure.
3. Do not stop in areas with high crime rates.
4. Park in an area where other truckers are nearby.
5. Walk around your truck and load to verify that nothing is amiss or that foreign objects are not present.
6. Do not leave an extra set of keys in the truck.
7. Have the number for dispatch or an emergency number on your person in case of emergency.

Security at Destination
1. Report your arrival time and location.
2. Be aware of any overly interested persons.
3. Verify that the recipient of the cargo is the authorized recipient.
4. When exiting the vehicle, be certain that all equipment is turned off.
5. Be certain that all doors and access panels remain locked.
6. Oversee the offloading of cargo.
7. Have a communication device, such as a cell phone, with you at all times.

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