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Insurance Article
Reasons to Buy Insurance
Many people think insurance is a waste of money, while others believe in over insuring themselves. This brings up the question, "Why buy insurance?" Most people actually hate the idea of paying for insurance, since the odds of actually needed it are pretty low.

You pay monthly to something in the event that you might need it one day. Insurance itself comes in many forms such as auto insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance, health insurance, renters insurance and many, many more varieties.

The purpose of having insurance is to protect you and your loved ones against any unforeseen tragedy. There are two ways you can go about buying insurance, should you decide you need it. There are agents who will guide you in the right direction and then you can also purchase it on your own. Be careful to do the research and learn about the different policies available. Then compare them against each other and make the best decision.

There is a definite advantage of using an agent to purchase your insurance policy. Make sure you find a reputable one that is with a solid company. They are able to offer you advice and any suggestions that can help you in your situation. The obvious advantage of doing it yourself is that you will pay less for your insurance.

When looking to buy insurance, ask yourself if you need that specific type. Make sure you understand exactly what it covers before purchasing. If you think that type of insurance is right for you, next figure out how much of it you need. Policies are different and can vary in what they cover.

Look at the dollar amount or if they are going off a percentage (of your loss). There might be just a deductible you are responsible for. Make sure you know exactly what is included and excluded.

If you have decided to purchase it on your own, the internet is a great tool for researching insurance. If you have gone with an agent make sure you are happy with the company that he is selling with, or go with an independent agent who has access to multiple companies. Make sure that the company is able to pay on your claims, if you ever have to file one. Look up ratings online for certain companies but also ask the agent.

Check with your state's insurance commission for any complaints or refusals to pay specific claims. Consider paying annually or even semi-annually, this can save you money. If you purchase more than one type of insurance from the company that also can help save you some money.

If you are a college graduate, check out what your alumni association has to offer. Colleges usually partner up with reputable companies and offer discounts. The same applies to professional and religious associations. Network within your own resources when looking for insurance, try to avoid specials advertised on television the cover very little.

Think of insurance as small savings account that will protect you against catastrophic loss. Most people do not have enough in savings to protect their assets and livelihood in case something horrible and unexpected happens. These events may include totaling your car, a serious illness, your house burning down, grand theft of your property and more.

Most people cannot afford a $250,000 medical bill or come up with the money out of their savings to replace their home and personal property in the event of a fire. Insurance is a "savings account" in case the worst happens so you do not have to come out of pocket in these scenarios.

Insurance will protect you and your family from possible bankruptcy, can replace your property, your vehicle and provides a lifeline for your family if you unexpectedly die. Insurance is one of the most sound investments you can make to protect yourself and your property, so buy the best possible policy you can afford.

Then you can rest easy knowing you are covered, although make sure you understand and research the coverage you are buying to understand the exclusions and what is actually covered by the policy.

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