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Car Insurance - Buying Guide
So you're looking at buying a new car, you've got the money together - be it through a financial plan or just cash in hand - and are looking to finalize the deal and get driving.

But before rushing in to buy the vehicle of your dreams, stop for a moment and think about the effect on your car insurance.

There are a number of aspects that it is advisable to be wary of when searching for cheap car insurance:
* Type and value of car - this will determine the insurance bracket your vehicle is likely to be placed in. If the vehicle is not worth much, it could be cheaper and more practical for you to insure it under a third party, fire and theft plan.

* Age and experience - if you're fresh out of driving school you're likely to get stung for insurance due to the risk levels associated with younger drivers. However if you drive carefully and can accumulate some no-claims bonus, this will help save you money in future insurance applications.

Bearing these aspects in mind, it is best to shop around and compare car insurance before rushing into a deal. Try to use comparison sites as a substitute to lengthy phone calls to insurers, however if you're unsure of details it's always best to contact the insurers directly.

A lot of insurers now offer discount rates if you buy your car insurance online, this can be handy if you're looking to get your foot in the door when it comes to insurance. If you're renewing your insurance with your current provider, it could be worth negotiating with them over a better deal, particularly if you have no-claims bonuses to use.

If you're looking to spread payments over a period of time to cover your car insurance, you may very well end up paying more than you have originally been quoted.

The best advice is to try and pay the premium in full rather than in installments, and consider using a 0% credit card to try and pay the premium off all at once, provided you can afford the repayments on the card to avoid financial problems.

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